Thursday, 13 October 2011

El álbum de ACE

In April this year, Edulever partnered with ITC Ltd. in Saharanpur to conduct a feasibility study for a setting up a vocational training center. The three-month study by the Edulever team involved a household survey of over 1000 households in Saharanpur, focused group discussions, and interviews with prospective employers in and around Saharanpur.

Based on the recommendations of the survey, we launched the Agrasar Center for Employability in Saharanpur in September, after a fortnight of intensive mobilization. The center is being implemented by the Agrasar team (Agrasar is an offspring of Edulever), with support from Quest Alliance and ITC. The center completed a month yesterday (on Oct 12)...and we thought this was the right time to share our journey on this blog...  

Feasibility Study-Market Scan (May 2011)

 Focused Group Discussion with Youth of Saharanpur

 Focused Group Discussion with Parents of Saharanpur

 The center in Saharanpur (before the inauguration)

 Mobilisation for the First Batch

 Inauguration - September 9, 2011

 And then there was light...

 Courseware developed by Edulever launched by the ITC TEAM

 Classroom Sessions in progress


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